letterheadFor Immediate Release: June 30, 2016

Contact: Meilia Picquet
(475) 227-9721

Congressional Candidate Daria Novak Endorsed by Brian Domitrovic

Madison, Connecticut – Brian Domitrovic, author of the definitive history of Reaganomics, financial columnist, and professor of economic history at Sam Houston State University, endorsed Daria Novak, who is the Republican candidate for US Congress from eastern Connecticut.

Domitrovic stated: “I endorse Daria Novak for US Congress.

“Steve Forbes, George Gilder, and Jimmy Kemp in their endorsements of Daria called her things like ‘the stubborn and cranky Connecticut Yankee’ and a ‘Prosperity Heroine.’ She is a true fighter for equitable prosperity and a foe of bloated, wasteful, government spending.

“Daria understands economic policy and will fight fiercely to restore the policies that created almost 40 million new jobs in the 80’s and 90’s. Time to send a “stubborn and cranky” woman to Washington to fight for the interests of regular people. That would be Daria Novak.

“Daria knows that by reducing tax rates we’ll restore prosperity as well as limiting government as our founders intended. She is also a champion of the classical gold standard. The gold standard enabled America’s stupendous growth from the world’s smallest to the world’s largest economy. She has promised that her first official act will be to reintroduce Jack Kemp’s Gold Standard Act of 1984 and will crusade on it until it is enacted into law.

“Tax cutting, cutting wasteful spending, and the gold standard — the Novak Plan — are exactly what we need to restore the American Dream of economic security and upward mobility for working families.

“I give my, and urge you to give your, full support to the stubborn and cranky Connecticut Yankee Daria Novak for US Congress.”


Authorized and Paid for by Daria Novak for Congress