letterheadFor Immediate Release: July 12, 2016

Contact: Meilia Picquet (475) 227-9721

Congressional Candidate Daria Novak
Endorsed by Lawrence Kudlow

Madison, Connecticut – Lawrence Kudlow, a leading economic growth expert, television and radio personality, syndicated columnist, former Federal Reserve Bank economist, and an inner circle economic advisor to President Ronald Reagan today endorsed Daria Novak, Republican candidate from eastern Connecticut for US Congress. Kudlow stated:

“I endorse Daria Novak for US Congress. I have devoted my life to advocacy for proven economic policies to get the American economy sizzling again, create massive good jobs, and restore the American Dream of economic security and upward mobility. All politicians promise that but few understand how to get it done.

Daria Novak knows how. She has an unflinching commitment to lowering marginal tax rates, restoring integrity to the dollar, eliminating job-killing regulations, and fighting the government’s profligate spending ways. Connecticut needs her in Congress. America needs her!

“Some say it cannot be done. Wrong! We did it. We can do it again! When Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for presidency on November 13, 1979, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, strangled by a sky high Misery Index, was at 814. Reagan vanquished inflation and cut marginal tax rates by 24% for everyone. President Clinton mostly maintained those policies and reformed welfare and cut the capital gains rate to boot. Between Reagan and Clinton America created almost 40 million new jobs, four times the rate of the past 16 years. America again needs a champion for the American Dream.

That’s Daria Novak.

“My good friend Steve Forbes, in his endorsement, called Daria a ‘Prosperity Heroine.’ Daria gets it like few others do. Tax rate cutting, budget hawkishness, sensible regulation and a good dollar are what’s needed to restore the American Dream of economic security and upward mobility for working families. She’s also been endorsed by prosperity champions George Gilder, Jimmy Kemp and Brian Domitrovic.

The Prosperity A Team will be there for her and, through her, for you.

“Daria stands for a strong military to keep America safe in dangerous times. She’s a fierce defender of Connecticut, and American, family values. She’s a true Constitutional conservative. Daria can make an amazing difference to our future. Support Daria Novak for Congress to do your part in restoring the American Dream.”


Authorized and Paid for by Daria Novak for Congress