“You didn’t build it and it’s not right to give it away. It will hurt Americans and threaten our national cyber security,” says Daria Novak, Republican Candidate for Congress in CT- 

Madison, Connecticut – “At the Presidential Debate Monday night there was a great deal of talk about cyber security. And about jobs and the American economy,” stated Daria Novak, the Republican nominee for Congress in Connecticut’s second congressional district.

”Now, in just a few days, President Obama plans to turn control of the internet over
“It’s not just stupid and unnecessary…it’s dangerous,” continued Novak. “We are in a new age of cyber warfare and technological combat. To do anything… anything at all…that potentially weakens our advantage is foolish. You would think that a party that is accusing the Russians of hacking their database and leaking their emails would understand that.

And it’s not just about cyber security, as important as that is. It’s about losing freedom of speech, economic opportunity, free market practices and putting a phenomenal American invented asset under the control of our system.

“Courageous Republicans on Capitol Hill tried to stop this mindless grandstanding by the President. We need more courageous Republicans in Washington to control the damage,” said Daria.

“I have worked over 30 years in national security. I will provide a new level of sophisticated knowledge in Congress. Knowledge that will help protect American interests, not Presidential egos.”

Novak, who is gaining momentum and running even or ahead of incumbent Democrat Joe Courtney in polls, is determined to see that our nation and it’s people realize a new level of safety and security in these dangerous times.

In Congress I’m not going to be sitting down on the job like Joe Courtney. I won’t be just a yes man for any President ,” concluded Novak. “The people of Connecticut’s second congressional district deserve better from all of us. C’mon Joe…stand up to the President for once and denounce this foolish move.”

For Immediate Release:

September 29, 2016

Contact: Suzanne Novak (203)