“Today’s Act of Political Terrorism…” 

“When anti-Republican thugs resort to extreme violence and destruction in an attempt to stop the electoral process, all Americans are endangered,” says Daria Novak, CT-2 Congressional Candidate.  

Madison, Connecticut – “Firebombing the Orange County Republican Headquarters in North Carolina is an act of political terrorism,” stated Daria Novak, the Republican nominee for Congress in Connecticut’s second congressional district.  

“The slurs painted on the adjacent building were directed against Republicans. The headquarters building itself was completely destroyed. Is this what the election process has devolved into this year? Those who disrupt the political process with violence are themselves the real enemy of our republic. 

“This hostility is beyond hate speech by those who disagree with us,” said Daria.

“This, literally, is an attempt to undermine the electoral process.

“I, Daria Novak, call on all candidates to condemn this type of violence. We must
unite as a single people and find American solutions to the challenges we face. We cannot allow the devisiveness to scare people away from the voting booths,” concluded 
Ms. Novak.


For Immediate Release:

October 17, 2016 

Contact: Suzanne Novak 




     Authorized and Paid for by Daria Novak for Congress