Center for American Homeless Vets Calls Cong. Courtney ‘Sorry Slacker’

Est. in 1993, Vets’ Group One of Few in Country Making Endorsements 


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Falls Church, Virginia – The Center for American Homeless Veterans (CAHV) announced today it is endorsing Daria Novak for election to Connecticut’s 2nd District (CT-2), naming her a “Champion of Champions” for American Veterans. 

     Daria Novak is determined to better conditions for returning service-members. She is committed to decreasing the number of homeless veterans, by ensuring that veterans are given the tools to heal when they return home. Through her work with local non-profits, Novak has already begun aiding veterans in their transition back into civilian life. 

“In 20 years of making endorsements for federal office, rarely has the Center for American Homeless Veterans found such a decisive and compelling case for the endorsement of a federal candidate,” said CAHV President Brian Hampton, MAJ USAR (ret). “CAHV gives its unqualified and emphatic endorsement to Daria Novak to be elected to the Congress, where voters can be assured that she will be a stalwart champion for American Veterans.”

     During the spring and summer of 2016, CAHV contacted the leadership of incumbent Congressman Joe Courtney’s campaign six (6) times. CAHV staff sent two (2) e-mails and made four (4) phone calls asking for the candidate’s platform on American Veterans, and inviting him to affirm the Veterans’ Bill of Rights (VBOR).

The top campaign staff could not be bothered; they did not respond, nor did they return call or email, despite plenty of details being provided. The leadership and mentality of a campaign come from the top. Based on the evidence, the clear conclusion is that Congressman Joe Courtney is an unresponsive Sorry Slacker on veterans issues.

     Daria Novak readily affirmed support for the Veterans Bill of Rights (VBOR), agreeing that the following points are of the utmost priority, and should be addressed in the 115th Congress:

1.) American Veterans are a top priority for the nation’s policy agenda.

2.) Responses on disability claims take far too long; wait times for disability claims should be no more than the 125-day goal VA set for itself.

3.) The GAO found that VA spent $7 billion by failing to negotiate on over 130,000 purchase orders. We affirm that the VA should negotiate for its procurement services.

4.) Several investigations found that the VA failed to collect a staggering amount owed to it by medical insurance companies. We affirm that the VA should collect on all outstanding fees owed.

Daria Novak’s support for oversight & accountability is evidence that she stands for the people. The oversight Mrs. Novak supports in the VBOR could save taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars, by reigning in and reforming the executive departments. By pressuring Departments like the VA do their jobs, supporters of the Veterans Bill of Rights fight to improve conditions not just for veterans, but for every American.
A graduate of the University of Southern California with a MA in political science, Daria Novak has worked hard to get to where she is now. The daughter of a WWII veteran and former spouse of a Vietnam vet, Daria Novak served as a career employee and later Presidential Appointee with the US Department of State during the Reagan administration. She is now the host of the national syndicated Vernuccio-Novak Report radio program, and works to better her community through involvement in several non-profit organizations.
     Established in 1993, The Center for American Homeless Veterans has sponsored 200 programs/rallies around the country in support of homeless veterans. A publication of CAHV, the VETERANS’ VISION harnesses the power of the media in support of veterans. Featuring articles of interest to veterans and non-vets alike, the publication focuses the experience and dedication of leaders of the country on the challenges facing our nation.
     Two U.S. Presidents, four Presidential candidates, ten Cabinet Secretaries, 20 Presidential appointees at DOD and over 120 Members of Congress have written original articles for the publication. Endorsements by the publication have proven to be highly coveted; every two years, the most carefully read portion of the publication is the section on endorsements for federal office.