​“Doesn’t Joe Courtney understand the risks to National Security…and our private citizens? This is a national security district,” says Daria Novak, Republican Candidate for Congress in Connecticut District 2

Madison, Connecticut – “We should all be concernoed for people who are victims of war, who have lost their homes. But we also must be concerned for the safety of our nation and of our vulnerable citizens,” stated Daria Novak, the Republican nominee for Congress in Connecticut’s second congressional district. ”State Department Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Simon Henshaw’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee raises very real concerns. Henshaw was vehement in saying the State Department just screened for vulnerability and health issues. 

“What his department does not screen for was of great concern to the Committee, and should be to all of us,” continued Novak. “This list is scary when you consider that 40 refugees have already committed violent acts in our country. What is not asked of entering refugees from Islamic countries includes:

No questions on loyalty to Sharia law

No questions about their beliefs on honor killings

No questions on views of Sharia related treatment of women and gays

No questions on desire to adhere to U.S. law

No questions on radical leanings

“In short, if you are female, if you are gay, if you are concerned about our rule of law, our Constitution, or our national security, you have a right to be worried. Remember, there are over 100,000 refugees being invited into our country. Basically, unvetted refugees. Coming to a community near you,” said Daria.

“And you know who has your back on this? Who is protecting the people of his district? Who is looking out for the security of our sub base,” asked Novak.

“Not Joe Courtney. Joe Courtney completely supports this dangerous, unvetted invasion.

“I have over thirty years national security experience. I can bring a new level of security knowledge and understanding to Congress,” concluded Novak. 

“I won’t be sitting down on the job like Joe Courtney. I’ll be standing up, speaking out, and protecting the people of our district. All the people of our district.”


Authorized and Paid for by Daria Novak for Congress

For Immediate Release: September 30, 2016

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