Madison, Connecticut – Jeff Bell, former co-chair of the Jack Kemp for President  campaign and twice nominee for US Senate, today endorsed Daria Novak, the GOP candidate for US Congress from eastern Connecticut.

Bell said: I enthusiastically endorse Daria Novak for election to the Congress from eastern Connecticut.  Daria – who Steve Forbes whimsically tabbed the “stubborn and cranky Connecticut Yankee” – has uniquely shown the right stuff for getting the American economy back on the right track with roaring jobs creation and prosperity and justice for All.  She is not only right in her determination to do that – but also to rebuild our defenses.

And she knows how! Like Steve Forbes, George Gilder, Jimmy Kemp, who already have endorsed her, Daria knows that making the dollar once again as good as gold – specifically by finally enacting the Jack Kemp Gold Standard Act of 1984 – is the way to get job creation and general prosperity back.

When I ran as a young, unknown, and underfunded candidate for US Senate in 1978, my premier issue was the Kemp-Roth 30% across-the-board tax rate cut. To the amazement of the media and establishment Republicans, I beat Senator Case in the primary. My opponent, Bill Bradley, beat me in the general by making this campaign issue his own and went on to do great things in tax rate cutting.

That race was transformational. It made supply side economics – which includes the gold standard – finally get taken seriously and laid the foundation for Ronald Reagan’s election as president in 1980.  While the Establishment pooh-poohed supply side economics as “voodoo economics” it ended stagflation, created millions of new good jobs, and the stock market tripled.

While most eyes may be focused on the presidential election Daria’s race may be of equal importance. An upset by Daria Novak of the entrenched incumbent would be electric, the source of national attention, and would jolt Congress into putting America back on track for creating jobs for all. Her candidacy is that important.

It also would put her on the map as the most important freshman Congressman in America in the next Congress. I enthusiastically endorse her for Congress.

Authorized and Paid for by Daria Novak for Congress