Madison, Connecticut  Hillary Clinton’s campaign released a statement dismissing Donald Trump’s charges as a stunt against her husband’s rapes and gropes of four innocent women and ignoring her own vicious comments about them by claiming her responsibility was to address “issues” in last night’s Presidential Town Hall. She apparently felt “issues” meant Donald Trump’s private locker room talk, not the more serious allegations against Bill Clinton and her own anti-female, callous disrespect of these women. If a Republican says something distasteful, it’s a scandal, if a Clinton does and says anything disgraceful, it’s not an issue. 

Ignoring that double standard for a moment, and addressing only the “issue” of Trump’s unfortunate statement, let me say this. As a woman, I am offended, of course. But I also know that men talk this way, sometimes, in male locker room braggadocio. Let’s acknowledge that and get over it.

The much, much bigger question is whether a man who is occasionally guilty of typically male locker room speech –and who has apologized for it –is a better choice to lead our nation than a woman who has dangerously betrayed our national security… who has lied to Congress… who has blatantly and intentionally defied Congressional subpoenas… who has lied to the FBI… who has sold access to the United States Secretary of State to nations and individuals with appalling civil rights records, nations who treat women as less than second-class citizens, nations with agendas antithetical to U.S. interests…a woman who supports the disasters of Obamacare, the Stimulus, the Iran Deal…reaching in to your pocket to fund more and more big government giveaways…the list goes on and on.

We have very serious, very real problems to deal with in this election. I am running for Congress because Connecticut, and particularly Connecticut’s Second District, needs a strong voice in Washington, not a career political yes man. I will have influence in a Republican majority Congress that Connecticut has lacked for 6 years. That means I can help repeal and replace Obamacare, kill the Iran Deal and bring new jobs and lower taxes to Connecticut’s people and businesses. It’s time to move past the distractions to real solutions and real leadership…not more of the same broken, corrupt insider system. Yes, I stand behind Donald Trump. And I will help him fix Washington and Connecticut.

For Immediate Release: October 10, 2016


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