Steve Forbes Endorses Daria Novak for US Congress in Connecticut

Steve Forbes, former presidential candidate and chairman of Forbes Media, endorsed Daria Novak for US Congress in eastern Connecticut today.

“Daria stands for restoring our prosperity, the heart of the American Dream. Many candidates talk about it. She is one of very few who actually knows how to get it done….”

Forbes notes: “Daria gets the importance of tax rate cutting for everyone’s prosperity. She promises to ‘fight for tax cuts — for everyone, and observes that ‘President Reagan gave us an across-the-board tax rate cut and it worked! We grew great private sector jobs, expanded the economy, and increased the wealth of the American family.’

Daria also is a smart, highly credentialed, advocate of national security by ‘Peace Through Strength.’

Everyone who knows Daria says she’s a relentless fighter for regular people. Connecticut and America would be extremely well served by electing Daria Novak, a true Prosperity Heroine, to the US Congress to fight for economic growth, economic justice and strong national security.

I urge you to vote for ‘the stubborn and cranky Connecticut Yankee’ Daria Novak for US Congress.”

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Authorized and Paid for by Daria Novak for Congress