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Who do you want in your corner?

Congress has a single-digit approval rating. In the private sector we’d be fired for that low level of performance. Yet we keep re-electing the same career politicians and get the same failed results!  It’s time for common sense solutions.

My top priority issues when I go to DC to serve you.

Prosperity: Restore the American Dream

I will fight for tax cuts — for everyone. President Reagan gave us an across-the-board tax rate cut and it worked!  We grew private sector jobs, expanded the economy and increased the wealth of the American family. The United States is an exceptional nation and we can come back from the brink again. I’m tired of wasteful bureaucrats and big government programs that our incumbent politicians think can solve all our problems. We must stop penalizing success and accomplishment and revitalize a system that encourages work, productivity, and economic progress. I will strive to…

Reduce tax rates and federal spending to incentivize growth in the private sector

Contain the size of the federal government

Reduce government intrusion in our lives and stifling over-regulation and red tape on our entrepreneurs

The classical gold standard is Constitutional money and it made America great. The late, great Jack Kemp introduced perfect legislation for restoring the gold standard, co-sponsored by Newt Gingrich, with the Gold Standard Act of 1984. If elected my first official act will be reintroducing that legislation substantively word for word, and then crusading on that as key to getting job creation, economic security, and upward mobility back at a sizzling rate.

National Security: Peace Through Strength.

I will crusade to rebuild America’s military might including those national defense companies fundamental to Connecticut’s economy. I won’t make campaign promises, but I will assure you I plan to work as only a Connecticut Yankee can to spend our defense dollars carefully. America: strong, not belligerent! I will strive to…

          – Strengthen our armed forces by providing our servicemen and women what they need to do their jobs

          – Modernize our military to prevent our enemies from hurting the American people

          – Rebuild trust between the United States and our allies

          – Ensure we don’t commit our forces overseas unless it is vital to our national security; we have a clearly defined objective; and, the support of Congress and the American people


Here is why you can believe I will make a big difference.

          –  I’m as stubborn and cranky as only a Connecticut Yankee can be when it comes to spending money

          – Other politicians won’t be able to shut me up

          – In a fight between an alley cat and a pampered Washington “politicat,” I’m your alley cat in Congress!


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